GDOE Wraps Up Investigation; Senator Underwood Will Hold Round Table Discussion on Student Safety


After viewing the video of a one-to-one aide getting physical with a student with special needs, Senator Nerissa Underwood decided to hold a round table discussion about safety in the schools.

Guam – Senator and former Guam Department of Education Superintendent Nerissa Underwood will lead a round table discussion on safety in the schools. This comes after a video surfaced of a one-to-one aide’s handling of a special education student last week.

She says, “We have seen the video that went viral regarding the one-to-one aide interacting with a Special Education student and to me that’s unacceptable.”
Underwood invited the parents of the student with autism, the Guam Department of Education, the Guam Police Department, and the Judiciary of Guam among others. Underwood says she not only wants to make sure that there are certain policies in place to protect the island’s students, but assure parents that their children are protected in school. 
Underwood explains, “What I really to get out of that is that we have enough information so that those areas that need to be strengthened are strengthened and if correction needs to be done, we’ll correct it but I also want to make sure the parents and the family members of our students, not only those with special needs, in services and dropping off their students.”
Underwood explains that the video hit home. “The video was heartbreaking because I am a grandmother of a child who is autistic so I do know how it feels to have a dfamily member who has special needs, who can communicate and for us to be able to entrust our children and professionals and support staff it takes a lot. So when I see something like that, of course its heartbreaking and very disturbed by it. We do have good educators and people who care within DOE. The point here is not to be finding fault at anyone but make our serves better and our schools safe,” she says. 
The round table discussion will be held this Friday at the Legislature at 10:45 am.