GDOE”s Principal Leadership Academy Encouraged Collaborative Efforts

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Education held a 5 – day Principal’s Leadership Academy Workshop to bring collaborative efforts between school administrators.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story

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GDOE started its Principals leadership Academy on June 2nd which was heavily focused on providing DOE leadership with an understanding of what expectations with the new 5 year strategic plan.

In an interview with PNC, Joe Sanchez, Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction said that the time was also used for leadership to reflect and take advantage of the experiences and lessons learned over the pandemic years.

The Department held its 2nd workshop on July 1st where they further discussed all the training and other workshops that took over the month of June for example the special education workshop and safety conference.

Sanchez said this was an opportunity for school administrators to look at all the training modules and incorporate them into their school based plans.

According to Sanchez the first two days of the workshop were meant to prepare and accommodate leadership for the remaining three day, which was July 25th to the 27th.

Monday included the topic on leadership so that colleagues can get together and understand each school’s leadership ideologies with the intent of incorporating the strategic plan into their school level plan.

Sanchez said, ” So think of it as the department of education’s overall 5 year strategic plan is the overarching for the entire department every principal is required to take those strategies and bring it back to their school level so that their school improvement plans can be incorporated kind of seamlessly ..”

Whereas day 4 was inclusive of the topic on student diversity.

Sanchez added, ” alot of our input sessions with students and families and our experience of covid we really have a diverse set of needs with regard to our students we really wanted to spend some time with them talking with them with how we can better understand… I guess an understanding of the diversity of our students and what kind of needs they have and more importantly how we can address those needs.”

According to Sanchez they started the day with cultural sensitivity, followed by effects of poverty and homelessness, and ended with students with behavioral challenges. This was a big eye opener for the administrative leaders to better understand these students and how their lives are effected by these challenges.

The last day was inclusive of curriculum and instruction with a special emphasis on the 10 point plan for accelerated learning which is a plan that is used to address ” learning loss “. This workshop brought collaborative efforts between school leaders and teachers, as they try to understand the standards along its prerequisites.

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