GDOL batches first unemployment payments under American Rescue Plan

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The Guam Department of Labor on Tuesday batched the first unemployment payments under the American Rescue Plan.

GDOL director Dave Dell’Isola spoke with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo about it and gave a breakdown of the initial numbers.

Initial numbers show a total payout of $13.3 million.

Of that, $6.6 million is in PUA, another $6.6 million is in FPUC, $112,000 is in LWA, and $1.2 million is to be paid out in taxes.

Dell’Isola said that the numbers for this batch were a little smaller than usual, which was to be expected.

He said that’s largely due to his initial advice to the island to hold off on filing.

Although he expects the numbers to get bigger in the next batches, he said he doesn’t expect them to grow by too much since the island’s economy is starting to reopen.

Dell’Isola said that as the island starts to reopen, pandemic-related unemployment benefits will soon have a job-search requirement.

That means claimants will have to search for a job every week.

When exactly to implement the job-search requirement will be determined by the governor.

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“Hopefully it won’t grow too much, because you know, the island is recovering, opening up, and businesses are starting to open and are calling back employees. So I hope that our island starts this recovery and gets slowly back to normal, whatever that new normal’s going to be,” Dell’Isola said.

Dell’Isola said that the employment report from December showed a small amount of job growth.

He said that close to 1,000 jobs were created between September and December.


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