GDOL girds up for 3rd pandemic unemployment assistance program

Guam Department of Labor Director David Dell'Isola (PNC photo)

The new coronavirus relief bill has passed both houses of Congress and President Biden is almost certain to sign it.

So what does this mean for unemployment benefits on Guam?

Guam Department of Labor director Dave Dell’Isola broke down some of the details.

Dell’Isola said that so far, what’s known is that FPUC will continue to be $300. The new round of PUA is expected to last 74 weeks. The last full pay period is expected to be September 4th.

PUA 2 lasted 50 weeks and the first round of PUA was 39 weeks.

Also, the first $10,200 of PUA, will be tax-exempt.

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“That’s the general outline of what was passed, and now we just have to wait for U.S. DOL to give us those details of how to implement, how our program is going to move forward as far as the new dates and deadlines from PUA 2, are going to be thrown out and how do we seamlessly move forward,” Dell’Isola said during an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

Dell’Isola said that there will be a gap between the current round of unemployment benefits and the next program.

He said that many states opposed a quick fix to speed up the transition.

Dell’Isola said that states that attempted a quick fix between the first and second unemployment programs ended up with what he called a “nightmare” in overpayment problems.

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“Just stay tuned, and you know, whatever happens, we will continue the program. It’s now just like … as we say … how we make the sausage in getting it programmed, and getting it all in place, so that we can continue on what I need to work on with my crew, and figure it out … and of course, being transparent as I am, I will always keep you and the public informed,” Dell’Isola said.

Dell’Isola said that he hopes the details for the new program will be settled in the next few weeks.