GDOL has fixed all PUA complaints; now dealing only with appeals; $193K batched


The Guam Department of Labor has fixed all PUA complaints and is now dealing only with appeals.

As a result, GDOL only batched a low figure of $193,000 on Tuesday.

“When we closed PUA in September, we shifted all our resources towards fixing people with complaints and I can say that as of last week, we’ve fixed them all,” GDOL director David Dell’Isola said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

Dell’Isola said they’ve cleaned and fixed PUA and the only things that they have now are appeals.

“Because, of course, when you adjudicate cases and during the work search requirement, people find out that they weren’t either eligible or they didn’t agree with our findings, then they go out and appeal. And everybody has the right to appeal,” the GDOL director said.

Dell’Isola promised that they’ll go through every appeal.

“And if they win, we’ll turn around and we will pay them all out. We will pay everybody that needs to be paid before we close the program,” Dell’Isola said.

He added that GDOL is even granting waivers to those who made legitimate mistakes in filling out their documentation.

“If you made an error, and you have to pay back, you know, we’re even doing waivers. We’re waiving thousands of PUA claimants who have legitimate excuses of why they were over. It’s another way we’re trying to help our people,” Dell’Isola said.