GDOL reminds employers to allow employees to vote

Guam Department of Labor Director David Dell'Isola (PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Labor is reminding employers that the law allows employees two hours away from work to go out and vote.

GDOL director David Dell’Isola said both government agencies and private companies are covered by this.

“You cannot dock them, you cannot give them sick leave or charge them annual. It is paid leave, they have a right to go out and vote,” Dell’Isola said in an interview with Patti Arroyo on NewsTalk K-57.

“And if anybody has a problem you’re welcome to call the Department of Labor and I’ll be glad to talk to their bosses directly and inform them of this right, that they have,” he added.

But Dell’Isola said taking time off to vote should not be a problem. He said Guam is a “voting island” and most companies already know the rule about allowing employees to vote.

“I think unless you’re a really new business, you’re already aware that everybody should go out and vote and encourage it,” Dell’Isola said.

For the employees’ part, Dell’Isola said they should also exercise “reasonableness” in exercising their right to take time off to vote.

“For example, you can’t take your one-hour lunch break and then take two hours off to go vote, or you can’t take your lunch break at the end of the day and then two hours and then by the time you’re done it’s five o’clock. Or you don’t want to go if you’re working at a restaurant during your lunch hour when you’re at your peak period of business … you know … just common sense,” Dell’Isola said.