GDOL to reopen library branch offices for unemployment help; next batch being prepared


The Guam Department of Labor is preparing to re-open its library branch locations to the public again.

GDOL director David Dell’Isola says they’re working to get their in-person appointment set-up going for next Monday, assuming they hit no major snags.

The library help centers will be by appointment only.

And Dell’Isola says they’re expecting an influx of people after the return to PCOR 1 in mid-August.

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“When you have this many people that are still unemployed … we were on a downturn and then we rollercoastered right back up again. All those people…some forgot how to do their password, some forgot how to do this, some forgot one of the answers or they clicked it wrong…or they have issues with this or that,” Dell’Isola said.

Dell’Sola says they’re working to batch the next unemployment payout tonight, covering clean claims up to August 19th.

He says the department didn’t batch last week for several reasons, including DOA being behind on paper checks and application cleanups.