GDOL video tutorial guides job seekers through resume builder


Job seekers, show employers your top skills and experience by using the Guam Department of Labor’s free resume builder on Sign up to gain access to thousands of job openings that you can apply to with your resume with just a few simple clicks.

“With Pandemic Unemployment Assistance ending Sept. 4, I encourage job seekers to take advantage of all services available to them, and the ability to create a thorough and professional resume themselves on gives them a huge advantage when job searching. A professional resume is one of the most important tools job seekers can have. It gives employers a snapshot of the candidate’s skills and experience and serves as a first impression,” said Guam Department of Labor Director David Dell’Isola.

A new video tutorial from the agency walks job seekers through every step of creating a resume. The video is available at and the agency’s YouTube channel — Guam DOL. It takes candidates through the process of filling out background information such as education, skills, work experience and more.

The system will ask a series of questions and each question is a searchable data field. The more detailed information the job seeker gives, the better the system will match them with open positions that align with their skills and what the employers are looking for.

“With all of that information, the system can look for related jobs that align with your strengths you might not even have thought of. The more time and information you put in, the better the system will work for you,” Dell’Isola said.

The system then pulls all of that background information into a resume with which job seekers can instantly start applying for openings on the site.

Filling out this information is necessary to apply for jobs on

The resume wizard is especially helpful to those with limited work experience. It teaches how to identify the best skills the job seekers possess, and how to highlight them on the resume. For those with no work experience, the video reminds them to include clubs they’ve been a part of, sports they may have played, and gig work they may have done such as babysitting or tutoring.

“Whether you have no work experience or you have years in the workforce, this video helps you put your best foot forward on paper to show prospective employers what you have to offer,” Dell’Isola said.

Much of the unemployed population signed up on to avail themselves of federal assistance. Now it’s time to go back in and fill out the background information, create resumes and take advantage of as the completely free one-stop employment site it was initially designed to be.

For job seekers:

● How to create a resume

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For employers:

● How to register on as an employer
● How to create a basic job order

For PUA claimants:

● How to fill out the work search requirement

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