GEB and GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez Agree on New Contract


Fernadnez’s new contract is slated to start on July 1st 2016.

Guam – After months of negotiating, the Guam Education Board approved a new contract for Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez. 

Back in September, Fernandez expressed his interest in continuing to serve as GDOE Superintendent. If the board agrees to extend his contract, Fernandez says he does not want to make changes to his existing contract, which includes a salary of $150-thousand.

Then in December, the board voted to extend Fernandez’s contract four more years. Since then, a special committee was tasked to review his existing contract and after negotiations, the contract was approved by both the board and Fernandez. According to Fernandez, the reason why negotiations took a while, is because this is the first time in the recent history that the board has ever gone through the stage of renewing a superintendent’s contract so there were a lot of discussions and research that had to be done with their legal counsel. Fernandez says he’s happy to continue the momentum of the department. He explains that in the coming years, he plans to continue the implementation of the State Strategic Plan, expansion of the Pre-K program, and renovations of the schools, among other things.

Fernandez says, “When you’re facing a situation where you maybe facing a leadership turnover. Your main focus would be finishing the work you started, not launching into anything new, not pressing forward because you don’t know what the new leadership would want to do. Since the board said that we really want to continue in this direction, it really enabled us to start talking about what we’re doing two years from now. It’s great. This board made it clear this year that they want to work collaboratively, get more structured and organized, and focus more on outcomes for kids.”

Fernandez’s contract is now headed to the Attorney General’s Office and then to the Governor for approval. He hopes to get his contract approved by March 1st.