GEB Chairman: Suspects Responsible for School Break-Ins Should Pay for Damage

Three minors are behind bars for breaking into Wettengel Elementary School, where 15 classrooms in total were burglarized. According to the police report, the suspects broke in through the classroom windows, stole snacks, drew graffiti on the walls, and trashed the classrooms. Although Ada says he’s glad that the suspects were caught, he wants someone to pay for the damage done.


With a total of 15 school break-ins this year as of last month, Guam Education Board Chairman Peter Alexis Ada says he’s had enough. 

He says, “It’s sad. It’s costing so much money. I don’t know what happiness or satisfaction they have but if they’re adults, let them pay for it right on the spot. If their children then their parents will have to be held responsible.”

He tells PNC that he sent a letter to the Attorney General’s Office and the Superior Court of Guam. In the letter, Ada is asking them to make the minors or their parents pay for the damage at the schools.
Ada says every time a school is vandalized, the Department of Education has to take money out of their already-low budget to get things fixed. He says, “I’m a firm believer. You play, you pay. They should pay for it. If they can’t pay for it then their parents have to pay for it. If their parents can’t pay for it for whatever reason then believe me, somebody’s going to have to go to jail for that time.”
Ada says he’s not trying to tell the AG or the Superior Court judges how to do their jobs. He just wants to help put a stop to the break ins. He says, “Starting tomorrow is Spring Break. I’m not hoping but it wouldn’t surprise me if we find another report coming out. It would not surprise me one bit.”
Just last week, PNC received an update on the Secure Our Schools Act from DOE Deputy Superintendent Rob Malay. He says they wrapped up site visits to all 41 schools with the General Services Agency, who’s in charge of the procurement process for the security equipment. Deadline to submit bids were pushed back to April 17.

Ada says, “This vandalism has to stop. We need to put kids in school. That’s the purpose.”

Ada alongside Malay says he wants the systems in place as soon as possible as the department continues to make investments in our island’s schools.