GEB Did Not Give Adequate Notice For Both December Meetings


Guam – The Education Board’s reprimand of the Department of Education Superintendent Nerissa Underwood is invalid so says the legal counsel.


The board’s chair Ron Ayuyu says immediately after they took their roll call, the board turned the meeting over to Assistant Attorney General David Highsmith. Highsmith told the board that they failed to meet the open government law for their Dec. 7th meeting and for last nights meeting. Ayuyu says the board did not meet the mandate to give adequate public notice for those meetings.

Ayuyu says, “Last night the board meeting had to be canceled and also the meeting from December 7th. So everything that we voted on in December 7th meeting is voided out by the mandates of the law.”

In a written statement, Dr Underwood replied to the news by saying, “I am of course happy about not having been served the reprimand and the nullification of the December 7th executive meeting.  But that doesn’t mean that I have not taken to heart the concerns that the GEB and community members have articulated regarding the safety of our students and the need to step up our efforts to prevent bullying and harassment in our schools.  Our principals and management team continue to work hard to providing a safe environment, one that is conducive to learning.  We have heard the demands for greater accountability.  We know the areas that need to be strengthened and we also know the strengths of our DOE community.  Please know that we will continue to work hard to achieve excellence in all that we do for our students and employees.”

According to Ayuyu, the next board meeting will take place sometime in Janurary. But he also adds that the board will be made up of a new team, because the new governor will appoint five new members. The four remaining members will be Board Chair Ron Ayuyu, Vice Chair Rosie Tainatongo, Dr. Jose Cruz and Joe San Agustin