GEB officially approves plan to delay in-person instruction

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

The Guam Education Board has officially approved a plan to delay face-to-face instruction in GDOE schools to at least the 3rd quarter.

Last week, GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez announced that face-to-face school instruction should be postponed as Guam is still at a high-risk COVID-19 level.

During the education board meeting on Friday, Fernandez told the body why he chose to make the decision at this time just as GDOE approached the second quarter.

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“I know we’ve been working on the grading and attendance policy as the foremost issue to re-transition. But I was made aware that DoDEA announced that they are opening on October 26 and I know there have been several discussions, at the highest levels, regarding the opening of schools for public, charter and private schools. I really want to ensure, as those discussions were happening, that we were very clear to our stakeholders and our employees, our families, and our students about our stance on how we want to proceed. So while I did exercise the authority you gave me, I would like concurrence as to any discussion as well as to show our community that we are all in agreement in this and we can focus our efforts on the potential re-opening when it does get to be a safer environment,” Fernandez said.

At the same education board meeting, all members, by unanimous decision, agreed to delay the in-person campus instruction and revisit the option during the 3rd quarter.

Fernandez also asked the board to play a role in helping and guiding GDOE towards the re-opening discussions should they re-open later in the school year to which the board also agreed to do so.