GEB will look into school uniform, dress code policies

(PNC graphic by Ricky De Guzman)

The Guam Education Board will decide during its next meeting in April whether it will continue its suspension of the mandatory school uniform policy adopted last year.

The decision would have to be made this April so that vendors will have time to make uniforms in case GEB adopts a mandatory uniform policy.

Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez said the suspension of the uniform policy is only effective until the end of the current school year.

If GEB wants to continue with the suspension, Fernandez said the board would have to take action this April to give school uniform vendors some leeway.

GEB member Maria Gutierrez said the schools would also have to be strict in enforcing an appropriate dress code.

“I am seeing kids, students, not in the elementary … there’s no problem in the elementary … it’s the middle and high school students who are coming to school with certain inappropriate pictures on their t-shirts like marijuana, beer, or other inappropriate wordings,” Gutierrez said.

She added that it’s not fair for the other students who are following instructions on the dress code.

She also clarified that the suspension of the uniform policy is not mandatory but optional.