GEC approves Hiton’s petition to recall Yona Mayor Blas

Francisco Hiton has filed a petition to recall jailed Yona Mayor Jesse Blas.

The Guam Election Commission has approved a petition by Francisco Hiton to recall jailed Yona Mayor Jesse Blas.

Following a meeting late Monday afternoon, GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan told the Pacific News Center that Hiton must now gather 981 signatures from registered Yona voters.

That number represents 50% plus 1 of the total number of Yona voters who cast ballots in the 2018 Yona mayoral election.

If he gets enough signatures, the Legislature would have to approve funding for it and the governor would have to authorize a recall election.

However, Pangelinan said the law is unclear about the legislature’s role. She said GEC legal counsel will review the issue.

Mayor Blas is currently in jail facing federal extortion and bribery charges related to the renting of cluster mailboxes to an FBI informant who posed as a drug dealer.

Hiton told the Pacific News Center that the people of Yona want to recall Blas and he and his supporters are “going to knock on doors and hope the people sign it so we can get the village moving forward.”

Hiton is one of six potential candidates to replace Blas as mayor of Yona.