GEC Board Certifies Primary Election Results; Spoiled Ballots To Be Reviewed Oct. 7


Guam- The Guam Election Commission (GEC) Board of Directors did certify the unofficial results and the candidates that will advance to the General Election on Tuesday. However, they were extremely concerned with the amount of spoiled ballots cast.

Most of Tuesday’s meeting centered on questions by the members on what caused over 4,100 ballots to be voided. GEC Legal Counsel Roland Mantanona advised the board they had fulfilled their duties and should certify the results, if they are satisfied with the accuracy. He also said once certified, by law, the ballots can be re-opened 30 days after certification to be reviewed for statistical purposes.

The board eventually took Mantanona’s advice and certified the results. Members will now come back on October 7 to re-open the sealed ballots and figure out what caused ballots to be spoiled.

The GEC Officials also passed motions to call for investigations of precinct officials that were absent during the primary and disrupted the election process. Board Member Joseph Mesa says those precinct officials should be held accountable because they were under oath to carry out their duties.

An investigation will also be launched on a claim by a voter that she was given a marked ballot in a northern precinct. In addition, members voted to call all precinct officials together to discuss any concerns they have before the General Election.

The GEC board will be meeting next Wednesday, September 15 at 4 pm to review who filed for the Guam Education Policy Board (GEPB) for the General Election and matters with the Consolidated Commission on Utilities (CCU).

They also will be discussing the GEC’s rental issue during executive session because of ligation concerns.