GEC Board Member Tenorio Says He Will Not Sign Certificate of Election for Calvo-Tenorio At This Time


Guam – Guam Election Commission Board [GECB] member Josh Tenorio says that he will not sign the Certificate of Election for the Calvo-Tenorio team at this time, even though he and the other board members unanimously certified the election results following a machine re-count on November 6th.


The Election Commission Board is meeting this afternoon [Friday].

GEC Executive Director John Blas has said that the Certificates will be ready today, if the Board decides to act on them.

Tenorio is a Democratic member of the GEC Board and a member of Gutierrez election campaign which has filed a lawsuit to overturn the certification of Calvo-Tenorio as the winners.

Tenorio told PNC News that as a member of the GEC committee that is reviewing complaints filed over how the general election was conducted, he believes the Certificate of Election for Calvo-Tenorio should not be signed until the election complaints have been resolved.

There are 7 members of the GEC Board. 3 are Republicans, 3 are Democrats and 1 is an independent.  A signed Election Certificate is necessary before any candidate can take office. At least 4 GEC Board members must sign it.

Legal Counsel for the Calvo-Tenorio team, Tom Fisher is confident that at least 4 members of the GEC Board will sign the Certificate of Election.

He called it  “ministerial duty” and not something that the Board members have the right to refuse, since they have already voted orally on November 6th to certify the election results. But, if necessary, Fisher says he will take the issue to court and have a Judge order the Board members to sign the Certificate of Election.