GEC Board To Decide Today Whether to Recount or Certify Calvo as Governor Elect of Guam


Guam – All eyes will be on the Guam Election Commission Board meeting this afternoon at 4 pm when they will decide either to certify Eddie Calvo as the Governor elect of Guam or require a recount of the votes.

Former Governor Carl Gutierrez and his supporters want the GEC to hold a recount because the 583 vote margin of victory for Calvo was a less than  2% difference.

GEC Executive Director John Blas said that a recount is not automatic and only the GEC bOARD can decide whether a recount should be called or whether to certify the outcome.

The GEC Board has 7 members, 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans and 1 independent, Robert Cruz.

“There are guidlines that cover the recount,” said Blas, and  “From my experience in the 2008 elections, with the Mayoral races, there were several races where those candidates in the Mayors race were very close. At that time the Board had determined that the difference of  2% or less warranted  a recount so there were some Mayoral races that we actual did a manual recount on.”

But even though a recount was done in 2008 for some of those Mayoral races, the vote count did not change the outcome, the difference was 3 to 4 votes said Blas. “Even with the manual recount … there wasn’t much of a difference to make any change in status to those candidates.”