4 Vie for Independent Position on GEC Board


Guam – There are 4 people interested in becoming the independent member of the Guam Election Commission.

As of  last Friday’s deadline for submission, the GEC had received 3 letters of interest and a verbal declaration from former independent Board member Robert Cruz who has said he still wants to remain the independent member of the GEC.

GEC Executive Director John Blas says “Robert Cruz was the independent member for the Guam Election Commission. At our last meeting he conveyed his interest to the Commission that if the commission would allow him, he would like to continue on.”

Blas says Cruz will be considered, even though at the last GEC meeting on January 11th, Cruz failed to get the 4 votes he needed to remain on the Board.

Although Cruz’s name is known, the names of the other 3 have not been released by the search committee which is made up of the 2 GEC Board Members, Democrat Josh Tenorio and Republican Joe Mesa.

GEC Director Blas says Tenorio and Mesa will review the applications of all 4. “Once the Search Committee has come up with their recommendations they will present them to the Board at the next meeting on February 23erd … then it will take a yes vote from 4 members to decide on the new independent Board member.”

In related news, Blas says that the Election Commission has reached agreement with its landlord to remain in the GCIC Building through September 30th of this year.