GEC Discusses Early Voting for Upcoming General Election

Guam Election Commission (PNC file photo)

Discussions on early voting for the upcoming General Election came up during today’s Guam Election Commission meeting

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You can expect the GEC team back at the Westin, Tuesday to Friday from 10-6 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am till 3 pm with holidays off and a possibility of hours being extended if more and more people are coming out.

A Guam Election Commissioner member said, “In case we see the numbers moving incredibly higher or it’s something that tells us we need to take a look at, we should extend the hours if need be.”

One topic of discussion was GEC’s fiscal year budget, and how they would use it.

Currently, GEC received $1.7 million for FY 2023 with additional funding of $602k for primary election expenses which Maria Pangelinan will discuss with the Department of Administration how the funds will be used up because it strictly could only be used for primary.

Additionally, there were different ideas on how the operation could improve this upcoming election, such as fixing the coding to make it easier for the voters to see the screen as well as developing a checklist for the workers in case they needed a refresher on their

Another point of discussion was the disorganized motor voter procedure during the primary election.

As many people were turned away, which should never be the case as well as issues with people’s addresses.

An idea brought up by a GEC member was to change the current law of using their mailing address instead of a physical address.

To address these concerns and issues members have, a working group was made to better improve how things are run.

Guam Election Commissioner member said, “We have our working group to address these issues come up with solutions and make the general election run as smoothly as possible and a good voter experience for our community.”

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