GEC expects more voters in Mangilao satellite office voting

According to GEC director Maria Pangelinan, two precinct officials are currently being investigated. (PNC file photo)

After the first in-office voting at its Malesso satellite location this weekend, the Guam Election Commission is also working on getting homebound voters to vote in the general election this year.

Around 419 people voted at the satellite location in Malesso this weekend. Early voting at the satellite offices started at 9 am Saturday morning at the Merizo Martyrs Memorial School.

Maria Pangelinan, GEC executive director, said they were servicing 10 voters at a time during the initial run at the first satellite location this weekend. There were also no long lines outside the school for the curbside voting.

While they were happy with the turnout in Malesso, they are expecting more voters next week at the next satellite location at George Washington High School in Mangilao.

As for the total turnout for in-office absentee voting this year, Pangelinan said commissioners are expecting a turnout of more than 50 percent.

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“They are expecting 60 to 65 percent ….or 55 to 60 percent for the election…and they are saying 9 to 10,000 voters … will come in for in-office voting,” Pangelinan said.

GEC is also working on compliance with the Uniform and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, or UOCAVA, votes and working with Public Health on addressing the PCOR-1 compliance requirements for homebound voters.

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“We’re working with Public Health to get specific guidance on how to service the voters — and in the end…closer to the elections. With public health guidance, we will be able to even go to the hospitals and the quarantine facilities,” Pangelinan said.

Altogether, GEC has already served 1,888 since the start of in-office voting for the general election, according to Pangelinan.

In-office absentee voting continues until Oct. 30.

Other tentative schedules are: on October 10, GEC will be at D.L. Perez Elementary School, Yigo and the following Saturday, October 17, they will be at Okkodo High School in Dededo.

Voters, regardless of voting district, may vote at any of the satellite locations. Voters will be serviced on a first-come, first-served basis.