VIDEO: GEC Expects to Mail Out Prop A Informational Pamphlets by Friday


Guam – The Guam Election Commission is printing it’s informational pamphlets for the bingo initiative known as Proposition A.

Guam law requires that the GEC mail out informational pamphlets on any initiative to all registered voters of Guam.

The first page of the pamphlet will show the initiative as it will appear on the ballot. The second page will contain the objective legal analysis that was approved by the GEC board. The third page will show the argument for the proposition followed by the argument against the proposal.

GEC Executive director Maria Pangelinan tells PNC news that their goal is to get the pamphlets to the post office by this Friday. Printing and mailing the pamphlets will cost about $35 thousand dollars something that Pangelinan says is adding to their already tight budget.


“Well we’re at the beginning of the fiscal year and this is as I told BBMR and Department of Administration we have hefty expenses in the beginning to include this. So as they load up the budget for fiscal year 2013 one of the first expenses would be the printing and the mailing of the publication,” said Pangelinan.

The GEC has yet to receive their full allotments for fiscal year 2012 and Pangelinan says they still owe about $50 thousand dollars in unpaid 2012 expenses.