GEC Independent Board Member Robert Cruz Loses Re-Appointment Vote


Guam- The Guam Election Commission Board of Directors failed to secure 4 votes in re-appointing independent member Robert Cruz.

At Wednesday evening’s meeting at the GCIC building, the board was divided on Cruz’s membership, despite his willingness to serve one more term. Member Josh Tenorio, who was against the re-appointment, suggested GEC issue a public notice for the independent member position to find any interested persons who want to serve. His motion failed, but another motion was made by chairman John Taitano when member John Terlaje finally showed up. The second motion finally passed unanimously.

A public notice will be issued before Friday by the GEC to find its seventh independent member. The deadline to submit is next Friday, February 4th at 5 pm. The only qualification is that you have to be an eligible voter. The GEC’s term of “independent” is also used loosely according to its Legal Counsel Caesar Cabot.