GEC Gears up for Saturday Primary Election


Guam – The Guam Election Commission is gearing up for this Saturday’s Primary election.


Guam Election Commission Executive Director John Blas says that before Friday they will get their voting booths out to the different schools and gymanasiums that will be acting as polling sites. On Friday they will focus on setting up the University of Guam fieldhouse as it will become election central. “Friday evening we will be conducting our test election, and of course we’re gonna be inviting the three gubenatorial teams representers from the party the media and the general public to come up and witness this test election that we will be conducting at about six p.m. Friday.”

On the night of the election Blas says they hope to finish counting all of the votes cast somewhere between 1 and 3am but this is all dependent upon how fast the precinct officials can reconcile their ballots. Again PNC news will be providing coverage of the election results this Saturday night on Fox six beginning at 8p.m.