VIDEO: GEC – New Vote Tabulators Have Arrived; Now Being Tested


Guam – The Guam Election Commission received three brand new tabulators on Friday.

GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan says that they began training on how to operate the tabulators last night and they began software training today. The new tabulators are from the same company as the old tabulators namely Election Systems and Software.

Pangelinan notes that with the new models the ballot path is straight whereas the old tabulators had a curved path that resulted in more jams especially with Guam’s humidity.

“What does this mean with the three new tabulators for the Guam Election Commission and for Guam?” asked PNC “We have a more efficient election and are we gonna get the results earlier? It all depends but we are gonna try and this is one step one very progressive step,” replied Pangelinan.

The GEC Executive Director says they will do a demonstration of the new tabulators during this Thurday’s GEC meeting.