GEC Moving On MOVE Act Violation


Guam- With November 2 a little over a month away, the Guam Election Commission (GEC) met yet again, Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm to discuss all components dealing with the General Election.

Executive Director John Blas tells PNC they just received their ballot stock on Sunday and expect to finish printing the ballot format by Thursday, before in-office voting begins on October 1. His staff has also contacted people under the Uniform and Overseas Citizen Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) for absentee ballots.

So far, 66 out of 100 under the UOCAVA act have responded to receive the Guam Delegate race ballot. While litigation with the Department of Justice is still expected this week, Blas mentions GEC is doing its best to comply with federal law.

“With respect to compliance with the MOVE act, we already electronically or telephonically communicated with the UOCAVA voters asking them to select their preference of receiving either electronic transfers of the ballot or the U.S. Postal Service” said Blas. “So, of course, we have those numbers where we have actually received responses for electronic transmissions. Those that have agreed to receive it electronically, we’ve sent those already. Those went out yesterday morning.”

Blas adds GEC is weeding out precinct officials from the Primary Election that were absent or performed poorly. A list of absent precinct officials is being sent to the Attorney General’s Office. The board still hasn’t resolved it’s office space issue with the GCIC building landlord.