GEC needs 335 precinct officials for primary election

GEC executive director Maria Pangelinan (PNC file photo)

The Guam Election Commission is looking for 335 precinct officials and alternates to help staff the 2020 primary election.

Application forms are available at the Guam Election Commission for those interested.

To qualify as a precinct official, you must be registered to vote in the district you’d be officiating, you must be able to read and write English, and you cannot be running as a candidate yourself, or be related to anyone running.

Maria Pangelinan, GEC executive director, says the role of protecting the sanctity of the ballots has been modified to accommodate the pandemic.

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“Come early morning of the election, the custody of the ballots will be turned over to them. And they have the most important job during the election because they must guard those ballots until they’re returned back to GEC’s custody,” Pangelinan said.

“And, here, in time of COVID, there are additional duties like disinfecting the voting booth and any other places where the voter is, before and after each voter,” she added.

Precinct officials are paid a $350 stipend and must be present for training before election day.

The primaries are scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 29.