VIDEO: GEC Reviews Election Reform Law


Guam- The Guam Election Commission (GEC) is seeking the legal guidance of its Attorney Jeff Cook about the impact of the recently overridden election reform law or Public Law 31-255.


Executive Director Maria Pangelinan says at last night’s meeting, they raised concerns over a provision of the law that requires an audit of the 2010 General Election. She mentions GEC is ready to comply but needs guidance as to what defines an audit and what qualifies for a ballot audit and review of the 2010 general election. Pangelinan also says the question of additional time to carry out the election reform mandates was raised. She notes Board Member Chris Carillo will be speaking to the legislature on that matter.

“The definition of an audit is the first question” said Pangelinan. “The second one is the 30 and 45 day requirement. What does the mandate say? What is mandated in terms if possibly the consequences if the commission is not able to complete the audit within that time frame.”

A legal opinion will be submitted sometime next week by Cook and the commission will meet again on January 3. The plan for the Guam Decolonization Registry and Pangelinan’s performance evaluation is also expected to be brought up at that meeting.