GEC Signs Election Certificates


Guam- 4 of the 7 members of the Guam Election Commission Board signed all Election Certificates shortly before going into Executive Session Tuesday evening.

The Board acted after GEC Legal Counsel Caesar Cabot gave his legal opinion on the signing of the Election Certificates, saying it is ministerial in nature and that only a majority, not all,  of the board member signatures are needed , that is at least 4 signatures.

Member Josh Tenorio was the only member present who did not sign the Certificates. Board Members Alice Taijeron and John Terlaje, both democrats, were not present for the Tuesday meeting.

And the board passed a motion by member Robert Cruz to allow all members to sign the certificates, regardless of whether they were at the meeting Tuesday or not. Tenorio was the only one who objected to that motion.

The board also briefly discussed allegations submitted by Carlo Branch that 19 people voted in both the Guam & the CNMI elections. There was discussion on whether GEC should contact the CNMI Election Commission to verify these names, but most members agreed the U.S. Attorney and the Attorney General’s Office would be best to investigate the matter.

Members spent the rest of the meeting discussing the continuation of all 46 complaints submitted to GEC, which ranged from individuals not receiving entire absentee ballots to issues with homebound voting, full ballot boxes and suspected double votes that turned out to be a case of the wrong name.

The GEC is also reviewing 3 bids submitted for its new office space. One was already disqualified but two others do meet GEC’s specifications. Members must make a decision before their current lease agreement with GCIC ends on December 31.