GEC still preparing for primary election despite bills to cancel or curb it

GEC executive director Maria Pangelinan (PNC file photo)

Although two bills are pending in the legislature to either cancel or limit the Aug. 29 primary, the Guam Election Commission is moving forward with plans to hold that election.

A public hearing on both measures will be held next Tuesday and lawmakers are scheduled to go back into emergency session the next day to decide whether to cancel the primary, limit it to contested races, or leave it as is.

Despite the uncertainty, GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan this morning told K57’s Phil Leon Guerrero that her mandate is clear.

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“We want to make sure that people know we are still preparing for a primary election. There are challenges, but based on the mandates we are still preparing for the primary election,” Pangelinan said.

Pangelinan also said that precinct officials are still needed for the primary and general elections. The position pays $350 per election.

If you’re interested, you can log on to the GEC website to apply.