Election Commission Gears Up For Saturday Primary, More Than 2,500 Have Already Cast In-Office Ballots


Guam – The election is less than 48 hours away and Thursday the Guam Election Commission was busy taking in office votes and preparing for Saturday’s primary.

GEC Executive Director John Blas says that they have already had over 2,500 in-office votes.

As for registered voters that number too continues to climb. Blas says they have registered over 48 thousand five hundred voters. While voter registration has ended for the primary the GEC is still busy preparing for the primary. “Our tech support is on island Mr. Bill McCullough he’s with the elections systems and software he arrived on island Tuesday and came into the office yesterday and immediately began performing maintenance work on our four tabulators which will be used when we do tabulations Saturday night,” said Blas.

Blas adds that they will test the tabulators during a test election Friday night at the UOG Fieldhouse at 6 p.m.