GEC To Decide Status of Independent Member & Lease Agreement


Guam- The Guam Election Commission Board of Directors meet Wednesday for the first time this year to finish up old business from 2010.

Executive Director John Blas tells PNC they will determine the status of independent board member Robert Cruz because at this point, he’s an unofficial member. He also says they will continue the status report on complaints from the November General Election, as well as what’s going on with the procurement process for office space that had to be re-bidded out this month. Blas says it’s possible a contract could be awarded before February.

“The procurement process has been completed. It’s just a matter of General Services Agency (GSA) now finalizing the document to award to the sole responder” said Blas. “Of course with our last bid process, GCIC was the only respondent to the invitation for bid. Again, with the specifications that they are offering, they meet the specifications as requested by GEC.”

As for the lawsuit filed by former Gutierrez Aguon Campaign Staffer Carlo Branch, Blas says GEC hasn’t been served any papers yet. He adds he will be refraining from making any other comments on the matter for now.