GEC To Stay At GCIC Until Dec. 31


Guam- 12 days are left until the General Election, and the Guam Election Commission is on track in its preparations for the big event.

In fact, the agency won’t be moving out of the GCIC building anytime soon. GEC has a home at least until the end of the year. Executive Director John Blas told the Board of Directors during their Wednesday meeting that a check in the amount of $6,683.23 was cut for them to remain at GCIC until December 31. He also told members, the Department of Administration is working on the $534 still owed for their August rent to the landlord and $9,000 to utilize GCIC’s second floor conference room. Board member Martha Ruth also suggested the use of the Department of Labor’s conference room to save more money.

The bid process for GEC’s new office space is still being worked on. Blas says he sent a letter to the General Services Agency (GSA) to re-bid the Request For Proposal (RFP) and separate the costs of utilities and rent to attract more bidders. The bid is expected to be re-issued at the end of this month.

Board members Martha Ruth and Josh Tenorio also requested to GEC Legal Counsel Rawlen Mantanona to see if there is “anything in procurement law that would allow for emergency action to secure a space.”

GEC also reports it has complied with the Uniformed Overseas Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) process. All ballots for the Guam Delegate race have gone out to all 98 voters. Blas says some may receive an extra ballot, but instructions have been given to only mark one. GEC is scheduled to report to the District Court about its progress on December 17.

As it stands now, 1,925 in-office votes have been cast for the General Election. Also, 234 absentee ballots have been mailed to Guam voters in the continental U.S., with 53 additional ballot requests to be processed as of Wednesday.

The test election may also be conducted a day earlier on Sunday, October 31 after tabulators are tested that same weekend.

The next GEC meeting is scheduled sometime next week.