GEC Vice-Chair Asks Chairman to Call Special Meeting on Recount Request


GEC Vice-Chair Requests Manual Recount of at Least Ten Precincts

Guam- The Guam Election Commission Vice-Chair Alice Taijeron has written a letter to the GEC Chairman asking for a special meeting to review the concerns that were brought up by the Gutierrez/Gumataotao gubernatorial team. On Monday (11/10/14) Gutierrez/Gumataotao campaign chairman Joaquin Perez wrote a letter to the GEC requesting a hand count audit of at least ten precincts. The GEC has yet to respond to this request because the commission has yet to meet on the matter. Taijeron is now requesting a special meeting to review their concerns and she is asking that their request be granted based on her review of the supporting documents regarding concerns the Democratic Gubernatorial team had with the tabulating machines.



Dear Mr. Chair,
I am writing to request your consideration to convene the Guam Election Commission for a special meeting to review concerns brought to our attention by the gubernatorial team of Gutierrez-Gumataotao. Upon further review of the supporting documents regarding the tabulation machines, the issues raised warrant this to be an emergency situation and I am requesting for a manual review of at least 10 precincts to verify the elctronic results of our tabulation machines. Further, it is critically important that the Executive Director be prepared to address the issues brought to light in the letter provided by the gubernatorial team.
In the interest of transparency and integerity of our election processes, and for all voters of Guam, I am making an urgent request for your consideration to call for a speciall meeting prior to November 20, 2014, so that we may address these very important issues prior to certification.
Alice Taijeron
Vice Chair, Guam Election Commission




  1. If you look up the definition of recount, you will see that it pertains to elections in which candidates came within a few percentage points of one another. In this case, I believe the winning margin was 35%. That’s a blowout my friends on the Democratic side. If we go ahead with a recount, a precedent will have been set so now not only will close races be recounted but also blowouts. It’s really sad that rather than unite the island under the leadership of the Calvo/Tenorio administration, the losing team is scrounging for any reason to delay the inevitable. Concede the race and heal the island. This behavior reminds me of the movie Trading Places where the the 2 rich brothers lose millions of dollars in the trade market and still want the machines to be turned back on in hopes that they can recoup their money.

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