GEC’s Maria Pangelinan concurs with Lou on recount calculations


Guam – Perhaps just one count will do.

Saturday’s slim voting margin in the democratic arena has prompted discussion this week on the feasibility of a recount. According to GEC’s unofficial results of the primary election, Lou and Josh received 8,218 votes, barely edging out the Aguon-Limtiaco team who received 7,958. Depending on one’s interpretation of local guidelines, a recount could either be legally required or out of the question.

On Mornings with Patti today, Leon Guerrero says her favored calculation yields a 3.1% voting difference, above the 2% that would mandate a recount under Guam law. For the potential future maga’haga, the language is simple in dictating the math: take the 260 difference in ballots between the LG-Tenorio and Aguon-Limtiaco teams, and divide it by the 8,218 votes she received. But ultimately, Leon Guerrero says it’s up to the Guam Election Commission to decode the legislation and determine whether a recount will take place.

In a follow-up call Newstalk K57 made to GEC’s Executive Director Maria Pangelinan, the voting expert said she personally agrees with Leon Guerrero’s interpretation. Pangelinan also reported that her commission will be meeting this Thursday to aggregate the numbers and address the possibility of a recount.