GEDA looks closely at health insurance QCs


Guam – Melanie Mendiola, Guam Economic Development Authority director,  wants to hold businesses with Qualifying Certificates accountable. She also wants the QC recipients to establish a clear definition of its intended purpose.

Mendiola specifically mentioned the health insurance companies on the island who are receiving QCs.

She said it is crucial for GEDA and the QC recipient be on the same page, in terms of the benefits to the community and the people of Guam.

“Figure out what is the best way to make sure that we are holding these organizations accountable, such as these health insurance companies, for what we are giving them. We’re giving you a break (for this) so how is the community benefiting?”

On Newstalk K57 with Andrea Pellacani, Mendiola shared some potential changes she hopes to initiate within her department concerning the renewal of health insurance QCs.

“So, we’re looking at potentially a five-year time period to renew. We’re looking at renewal having to do with conversations and reporting between GEDA, the legislature, and our health insurance leaders. So that we can assess every five years or so – is this something we want to continue?” Mendiola said.