GEO Launches Appliance Rebate Program


Guam – The Guam Energy Office (GEO) launched the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (SEEARP) today, Monday, December 06.

Details on how residents can save money using ENERGY STAR appliances were announced at a news conference this morning at Adelup.

GEPA/GEO Administrator, Elisabeth Cruz encourages residents to take part in the program. “The consumer will greatly benefit from this program; from the savings when they purchase an appliance, to reducing their power bill. We encourage everyone to participate.” stated Cruz.

Read the SEEARP Fact Sheet

SEEARP is a replacement program designed to help residents purchase ENERGY STAR qualified appliances to replace their old refrigerator, freezer, clothes washer, or air conditioner. “Newer technologies in these types of appliances are making them more energy efficient. The program also accounts for the old units, ensuring proper disposal to protect the environment.” said Steve Muna, Project Manager.

Participating retailers have partnered with GEO to provide a source of ENERGY STAR appliances for those qualified applicants. Any interested retailers are urged to contact the Guam Energy Office to participate in the program.

Persons interested must submit an application to GEO to be considered for the rebate program. Only qualified applicants can be eligible. For more information call Steve Muna, Project Manager, Dave Meno, or Rick San Nicolas, at the Guam Energy Office at 646-4361 or visit the GEO website at www,guamenerg