GEPA: 5 beaches polluted; GovGuam beaches, parks closed effective Sunday


The results of 42 samples taken by the Guam Environmental Protection Agency on August 13, 2020, identified that five recreational waters were polluted above the accepted bacteriological standards.

They are: Nimitz Beach, West Hagatna Bay – West Storm Drain, Merizo Pier – Mamaon Channel, Santos Memorial, and Talofofo Bay.

As per Executive Order 2020-27, effective at 12:01 AM on Sunday, August 16, 2020, all Government of Guam parks and beaches shall be closed to all activities, except for individual use for purposes of exercise, subject to social distancing mandates.

Guam EPA’s Environmental Monitoring and Analytical Services (EMAS) Division conducts weekly sampling and monitoring of Guam’s recreational beaches.

(GEPA news release)