VIDEO: GEPA Board Chairman Bob Perron Recuses Himself From GRRP Appeal Hearing


Guam – The Guam Environmental Protection Agency Board of Directors held a special meeting Tuesday afternoon to hear an appeal made by the Guam Resource Recovery Partners.

GRRP is appealing GEPA’s decision in August to deny their permit to operate a landfill at the Guatali site in Atantano Santa Rita. GEPA’s administrator Eric Palacios issued the denial saying,

“We have determined the application does not meet the requirements including the application’s financial assurance, post-closure care and management of leachate.”

 GRRP Spokesman David Sablan says that this denial came at the last minute and after they had already been told that their application was fine. “We were very surprised when we received a couple of months ago a letter from the administrator from Guam EPA saying that your permit is denied well how can it be denied the next phase in the law says that you’ve gotta issue it when there’s no issues related to the public’s concerns that would alter the plan or stop the plan from moving forward then you’ve got no choice but to give us that permit that’s the way the law’s written you know you can’t stop somebody if they’ve complied with all of your requirements which the technical team confirmed,” said Sablan.

 The hearing was still underway as of news time however according to Sablan, GRRP raised a conflict of interest with board chairman Bob Perron president of Guahan Waste Control known as Mr. Rubishman. Perron’s company has a contract with the landfill in Inarajan and Sablan says he voluntarily recused himself. The board is considering making a summary judgment and Sablan says they hope to make a final decision by November 15th.