GEPA Concerned About Noise Pollution From Military Aircraft


Guam – Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA) acting administrator Ivan Quinata told lawmakers today that his agency is very concerned by the present and proposed flight patterns of military aircraft and the noise generated by them.



 Quinata said this during a public hearing on resolution 24, which is a resolution that requests the joint region Marianas to implement noise mitigation measures to reduce the impact of of military aircraft activities. According to Quinata the agency is concerned that the current and future flight patterns will negatively impact both people and endangered animals. He says GEPA made it’s concerns clear during the comment period of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) but no changes were seen in the Record of Decision (ROD). “The ROD was not satisfactory in addressing the noise level issue the agency found the previous noise study to be in-efficient and saw deficiencies in the DEIS that dealt with the noise generated from operating military aircraft.”

 Quinata says GEPA is recommending that the federal government conduct a brand new and more comprehensive noise pollution study. GEPA is in full support of resolution 24.