GEPA gets $78,849 grant from U.S. EPA


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Monday announced the award of a $78,849 Diesel Emissions Reduction Act grant to the Guam Environmental Protection Agency.

The funds will be used to replace three diesel school buses.

In a news release EPA Pacific Southwest Regional Administrator Mike Stoker said  “by promoting clean diesel technologies, we can improve air quality and human health, advance American innovation and support green jobs.”

EPA has implemented standards to make diesel engines more than 90 percent cleaner, according to the release. But many older diesel engines remain in operation and predate these standards.

Older diesel engines emit large amounts of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. These pollutants are linked to health problems, including aggravated asthma, lung damage, and other serious health problems.

U.S. EPA also announced that the American Samoa Power Authority would receive $118,038 to replace four diesel trucks and install three electric vehicle charging stations.