GEPA Issues Notice of Violation to Lujan Junkyard for Un-Permitted Dump


Guam – The Guam Environmental Protection Agency has issued a notice of violation or N.O.V. to the Lujan junkyard in MongMong.

 The notice of violation is a result of an investigation conducted by Guam EPA in which they found a rather large illegal dump on the Lujan junkyard property. PNC asked Guam EPA administrator Ivan Quinata for a copy of the notice of violation however he informed us that it is not yet ready for public release. The owners have 14 days to respond to the NOV. Quinata said any potential fines would come after the owners respond. Previously Quinata has said that fines for violations of this sort can range anywhere from between $10 thousand dollars a day to $25 thousand dollars a day. The NOV also requires that the owners correct the violation or come into compliance.