GEPA Warns Mangilao Mayor Of Fines If White Goods & Metallic Waste Are Not Removed


Guam- Mayor Nito Blas says the Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA) has slapped the Mangilao Mayor’s Office with a warning to remove its collection of metals and white goods before the end of the month or it faces hefty fines of $80 thousand dollars a day.

Blas says he’s been collecting this waste in the back of his office as a service to his residents for the last 20 years. He adds he provides this program because he knows many people can’t dispose of their metals and white goods properly, and offers to take it from them for free in the months of August, September and October. Blas says he cleans up the waste before the end of each year, but this year, he has to clean it up sooner because someone complained about his program.

“That’s why I ask the people to go ahead and transport it behind my office…because I plan to get it out of there as soon as I get the funding” said Blas. “So now somebody complained and I have no choice but to clear it out by October 31.”

Blas has to get at least $3 thousand dollars as soon as possible to pay for a company to get rid of the waste before the end of the month. He mentions he will try to fund raise from Mangilao’s Thursday Night Market or ask for emergency funding from the Mayors’ Council. He also plans to talk to Guam’s Solid Waste Management Division to ask for help.

Meanwhile, the Mangilao Mayor says he is still collecting junk vehicles for the ongoing Abandoned Vehicles Program.