GEPB Meets Tonight to Consider Impact of Health Insurance Plan on DOE Budget


Guam – The Guam Education Policy Board [GEPB] will hold a special meeting tonight [Monday] to consider the impact of the new SelectCare Health Insurance Policy on the Department of Education’s Budget.

DOE Deputy of Finance Taling Taitano says at this point she’s uncertain about how much additional money will be needed to cover DOE contribution to health insurance coverage for its employees.

Tonight meeting was originally scheduled for Friday OCtober 8th, but was postponed until today to allow more time for DOE to recalculate the costs of the new health care plan.

Taitano told PNC News that they need enter all of the information received during the open enrollment period for the health policy and they can’t specifically say what the impact will be until all that information has been updated in their system.

However, Taitano expressed concern that there will be increased costs and she is not sure where the money will come from to pay for it.