Get a Taste of Hawaii as Hawaiian Chain L&L BBQ Opens First Restaurant on Guam


Say aloha to Hawaiian BBQ as the first L&L BBQ is now open in Tumon.

It started with a local man who wanted to bring the flavors of Hawaii back to Guam. Owner Yoshi Nishite said he often visited Hawaii and while he was there ate at L&L Barbeque every chance he got. 

He said, “Oh Guam would love to have an L&L BBQ here. Everytime I come home, if L&L was here, it’d be great. Guam would love the food so about a year and a half ago, a partner and I started the company.”
He says when it comes to food, the Aloha state is famous for their Hawaiian plate lunch. Nishite explained, “That’s what Hawaii is very famous for, a Hawaiian plate lunch. It’s an entree, two scoops of rice, and a macaroni salad.”
Yoshite said opening an L&L BBQ on Guam has been a dream of his for 10 years. He’s now proud to say that the first restaurant is open. With him, he brings his master chef Raymond Cheng who was in charge of making the menu. We ask him what the difference is between Guam BBQ and Hawaiian BBQ. 
Cheng said, “I guess it’s the sauce.”
If you haven’t eaten at L&L BBQ yet, the master chef has made it easy for you. He makes these recommendations. 
Cheng said, “Our most famous dishes are loco moco and chicken katsu with our katsu sauce is one of a kind. The loco moco is two hamburger patties, topped with two eggs with gravy on top. It’s a big plate fit for a big person.”
Nishite said, “We hope everyone would come down and try L&L BBQ. Eat Aloha!”
Nishite said that a grand opening will be held next month when his crew completes training. He also tells PNC that another L&L BBQ location will be opening its doors in the Micronesia Mall next year.