Get Ready to See a Plethora of Local Talent at UOG Film Fest

Local films are ready for their red carpet debut this Saturday for the University of Guam Film Festival.

From documentaries, to short films, to music videos, local talent sure stepped up their game for this year’s UOG Film Festival. Co-Founder and Executive Director JD Iriarte says be prepared to be stunned by our local talent. 


He says, “You can expect to see a wide diversity of films that are all locally made and produced. We have over 18 films that will be showcased throughout the day.” 

Iriarte says he along with the Muna Brothers Don and Kel have been working with the University of Guam over the past few months. With the strong support of the community, Iriarte says it was smooth sailing preparing for this big Spring event. 

He says, “What do I look forward to? Watching their films, share their dreams with the island, and to hopefully foster the next generation of filmmakers. I love it all.” 

Speaking of local talent, one of the music videos that will be showcased in the UOG Film Festival is Chase Weir’s “Indigo”. Weir tells us it’s a look into the world below the beautiful waters of Guam and Yap.  
He explains, “It’s something I wanted to put together to show people what we have here in Micronesia, create awareness for what we need to protect and showcase the beauty of our islands.”
Weir says he’s been experimenting with film for two years now strictly using his GoPro. He says he’s excited because this is the first time he submitted his work for the film fest. He says he can’t wait to see the rest of the films. 
For you aspiring filmmakers, Iriarte has a message for you. “Worry about finding out what it is you love to do. That’s probably the hardest thing. Once you make that decision and if it is film, 8:20 just keep doing it because you’ll get better at it, you’ll master your craft. You’ll realize that you are no different from anyone else in the world and if you keep at it, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to take it to the next level to make you successful.”