Get to Know The Mayoral Candidates of MTM


Know Your Vote will air every Wednesday and Friday. 

Guam – In this segment of know your vote, we interviewed the mayoral candidates of MTM.


Let’s start with John Perez Taitano, who is running as a republican for MTM mayor, we asked him why he is running for office.


“I have a vision, vision 20/20, which begins of course upon election in 2016. What I really would love to do is revitalize the tri village,” said Taitano. “We really are a tri village, one of the few districts that contain 3 full villages and each in themselves have their own personalities.”


What about education and experience? Taitano says he is a product of public schools. He graduated from a high school off Island, but he soon joined the US army where he served in the 101st airborne division. As for experience, Taitano says he has 25 years working at IBM and He also served on many public boards and with many Government Agencies. Taitano previously served at the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, which is also known as the wellness center and with the Guam Mass Transit Authority. So what issues are important to him? Taitano says he wants to enhance the sports and recreational facilitites in MTM.


“At the end of the day, the kids have nowhere to go. Those kinds of facilities need to be rebuilt I mean if they were taken down, they need to be put back up,” said Taitano. ”We can work together, I can partner with the business community. We can make these things happen for our kids.”


Taitano believes that enhancing the sports and recreational facilities will help keep kids out of trouble. He says he will work with GHURA to take responsibility for the parks in MTM and revitalize the village.


Next we talk to democratic mayor candidate Tito Castro.


“First of all, my friends asked me. I don’t dream about this type of position because, I don’t know government operations. I know how to pay my bills, I grew up, actually I’m retired with the civil service and the navy” said Castro.


Castro achieved a four-year apprenticeship program as an electrical and mechanical engineer. Which he says will help him fix problems in MTM. Castro says he will focus on many issue in MTM such as fixing broken and dangerous roads and helping to curb crime in the village. He wants to teach the children of MTM basic skills


“If you train those kids that are just roaming the street from 16 to 21 and you train them and I’m willing to back them up at the training at my expense, on a limited basis maybe one kid a month. And if I cant send them to the trade’s academy. I will personally hire the good electrician, good plumber good house builder,” said Castro.


Next up, republic hopeful Vic Villagomez. We asked him why he is running for office.


“Running for office, for me has been a passion of mine for years,” said Villagomez. “Just watching the village of MTM kind of made me imagine what I can do to improve it.”


As far as education and experience, Villagomez says it started early. His uncle and father served as MTM mayors in the past. Villagomez has worked for the mayor’s office for the past 5 years on the ground floor. He says that his experience In the field will help fix the issues he has experienced first hand. Villagomez says he knows the basketball court near the mayor’s office needs to be fixed because he personally plays basketball there with the youth of MTM.


“The issues important to me here in MTM are strengthening the community., developing village economy and leading the residents into the era of diversity,” said Villagomez. “I want to have youth programs, I also want to enhance the ones we already have now.”


So why should people vote for you?


“I’ve worked closely with my dear people of MTM. I’m aware of the issues and the areas of improvement where they need to be and that being said my dedication and loyalty to the problem will only get stronger and the changes that I implement will only create a stronger MTM,” said Villagomez.