Get to Know the Mayoral Candidates of Santa Rita


We sat down with incumbent Mayor Dale Alvarez and candidate Hill Leon Guerrero.

Guam – In our latest episode of Know Your Vote, we travel to the village of Santa Rita to get to know its mayoral candidates, incumbent Mayor Dale Alvarez and candidate Hill Leon Guerrero.


Let’s begin with candidate Hill Leon Guerrero. This is Leon Guerrero’s first time running for office but he tells us that he has plenty of experience as a former staffer at the Santa Rita mayor’s office.

“I’m very familiar with the mayor’s duties and responsibilities. I worked for the former mayor Joe Wesley for seven months and I worked for the present mayor Dale Alvarez for seven years,” says Leon Guerrero.


Leon Guerrero also has an extensive background working for both the public and private sectors. Most of his career focused on the public works industry.

“I put in 32 years of service with the US Navy Public Works Center and worked for the power plant, Navy power plant. I worked my way up from a shop trainee to a plan general foreman supervisor,” he says.


Leon Guerrero explains that he went around the village and visited homes to understand what issues are the most important to the residents. Through this he was able to gather a list of goals and visions for the village of Santa Rita such as flooding problems and issues with their senior citizens center.

“I will invite the youth, the community leaders on all the special occasions throughout the year to join us and have activities with the manam’ko that way they can interact, the senior citizens the manam’ko and the community leaders. By doing that, we can accomplish a lot and we can make our village healthy and welcoming,” explains Leon Guerrero.


He also wants to establish two night markets a month, one that focuses on mamis or sweets and the other on barbecue. Leon Guerrero says this will help promote the village. Another project he would like to work on is a partnership with the military.

“We’re surrounded with military. The military are here to stay. Now what I would like to do is get the military to help us with the community project. I’m sure they would be more than willing,” he notes.


Some of these projects include beautification as well as possible guided tours sponsored by the military to Naval Mag and Fena Lake.

So why should you vote for Leon Guerrero?

“I’ve been working for seven and half years with this village of Santa Rita. I’ve been interacting with a lot of the people within Santa Rita. I just enjoy working with them, helping the community,” he says.


Next we talk with incumbent mayor Dale Alvarez who’s been the Santa Rita mayor for the last eight years.

“I’m running for office to continue to help my people in Santa Rita. There’s a lot of things to be done so I think, I know I wanna help them,” says Alvarez.

Alvarez says he has a background in maintenance duties which is what gave him experience in solving issues such as water leaks, power and electrical concerns and other structural issues. Some of the issues important to him are erosion, street lights and damaged roadways.

“My concern is with the power, the street lights and I’m trying to get all the street lights back on. I’ve been trying to put street lights in dark places, provided we have funds from the government. And of course the roads are cracking up. A lot of concerns like erosion. My main concern in Santa Rita is erosion. I have a lot of homes that are in jeopardy of losing their homes,” he explains.


So why should Santa Rita re-elect mayor Alvarez?


“I’m still trying to build a gym, sports facility for the teenagers. Right now I have a mini gym and my basketball court is already up and running and I already got one right now being renovated. Neighborhood watch, I established a neighborhood watch which is very effective. My record speaks for itself. I think I’m doing pretty good and I’m out there all the time when they call me,” he says.