Getting to Know the Upward Bound Program at UOG

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As PNC previously reported, “The Upward Bound Program” – aims to help first-generation high school students who are gearing up for college after graduation.

In an interview with PNC, Rowena Andrade– Director of the Upward Bound Program and alumna explains the history of said program and when it started. She said, “The Upward Bound Program is actually a federally funded program by the U.S. Education Department under the Higher Education Act. It’s actually been on Guam since the late 1960s. And it’s one of the first TRIO programs that the University of Guam has.”

Current Upward Bound recipient Venus Borja – a first-generation college student set to attend the University of Nevada in Las Vegas tells PNC her experience of being in the program.

She said, “Being the first-generation of college students in my family, I think being in Upward Bound really helped me find a way and helped me create a path.”

Borja added, “And joining Upward Bound I was able to expand my knowledge, meet different people, go off-island. And I even have long-term friendships I met with people in Upward Bound.”

The program has helped approximately 103 students per year is available for high school students to apply. Students can also apply through the mayor’s office and other ways.

Furthermore Borja said, “A way to apply is actually visiting our website. We’ve actually been working on a website recently where students can look and browse through what we offer and our services. Other times they can apply with packets that we give out to the high-schoolers, especially the counselors.”

Andrade encourages high school students to apply and take advantage of the program, as it is limited.

In an interview with Andrade she told PNC, “Just apply. Because again, we’re very proud of our program. We feel we can help the students who want to go to college and they have benefits other than just academic support. There are truly additional benefits…”

She added, “We’re not just helping the students academically, to be successful as high school students, but we also want to believe that we’re helping them and as a ripple effect–their families.”

Individuals can contact the Upward Bound Program at (671)735-1991/1992 or (671)929-7952.
Or visit their website at and their Instagram @upwardboundguam

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