GFA Outreach Successful


Guam – The Harvest Christian Academy Eagles middle school soccer team became the first subjects yesterday of the Guam Football Association’s new outreach program – the GFA Coaches Resource Center (CRC).

GFA Director of Women’s National Program Kristin Thompson visited the Lady Eagles practice yesterday and conducted a free coaching session with the help of assistant coach Ashley Besagar.

“The training went flawlessly in my eyes,” Eagles head coach Bryan Lenartz said. “My girls showed a sense of awe that a national coach was coming to practice and seemed to hang on every word. The practice helped those of all skill levels and GFA even had someone (Besagar) who was able to work with my goalies.”

The first phase of the CRC Program saw Thompson attend the coach and athletic director meetings for the upcoming public and private middle school girls’ soccer leagues. Coaches were then invited to a workshop on January 29 to help coaches prepare for the upcoming middle school girls’ leagues. Those who attended the workshop got three brand-new match balls for their schools.

“Often as a coach I want to put something out there new and fresh for the girls. Often they can be doing the same drills… and GFA is offering not only personal appearances, but has even emailed me drills if I need something quick,” Lenartz said.

Lenartz’ glowing praise is music to the ears of GFA Executive Director Cheri Stewart, who created the program.

“(This program) would not have been possible without our additional resources,” she said.

The program is to continue for boys’ high school season in fourth quarter and beyond.

Information from a press release.