GFA Triple J Auto Group Robbie Webber Youth Soccer League less than a month away.


With the Triple J Auto Group Robbie Webber Youth Soccer League beginning in less than a month, parents are encouraged to register their children as early as possible with a participating club or team, as some age divisions tend to fill quickly.

For Community First/Days Inn Dededo Soccer Club (DSC), the younger age divisions, U6, U8, and U10, tend to fill their rosters quicker than the older age divisions, said Pascual Artero, DSC President.

“Every season, we encourage parents to register their children early to ensure their place on the teams for their respective age groups, as well as to get more practice time in before the league begins,” Artero said. “On the average, we’ll have close to 200 athletes or more play for DSC each season and we are always open to accept new players. Our club motto “Let Them Play” comes from DSC’s long tradition of providing opportunities for all youth players – regardless of skill level – to enjoy the sport, while also developing players to play at higher, more competitive levels with our elite teams.

“As the club continues to grow, we are also looking for those interested in coaching our youth teams,” added Artero, who also is Vice President of Guam Football Association.

In addition to DSC, 15 other clubs had confirmed by the Jan. 9 league meeting date to field teams in Robbie Webber Youth League. The other clubs are the ASC Trust Islanders, Bank of Guam Strykers, Guam Shipyard Wolverines, Quality Distributors, Sidekick SC, Rovers FC, GPSI Southern Cobras, Matson Southern Heat, Tigers, Tumon Typhoons Soccer Club, Wings Football Club, Bombers Soccer Club, FC Barrigada Crusaders, Islas de los Ladrones (IDL) Football Club, and MWR.

In order for youth players to play in the league, parents must first register their children with a participating club.

Club representatives are:

  • ASC Trust Islanders: Jean Cepeda, 482-9779
  • Bank of Guam Strykers: Keith Dickson, 727-7770 or Tracey Baden, (208) 789-8234
  • Community First/Days Inn Dededo Soccer Club: Pascual Artero, 486-4858 or Bob Shambach, 727-6094
  • Guam Shipyard Wolverines: Annette Roberto, 777-0475 or Maria Nededog, 482-1218 or Maddie Martinez, 688-0195
  • Quality Distributors: Breanna Lai, 787-2524
  • Sidekick SC: Gian Tenorio, 477-8296
  • Rovers FC: Pedro Walls, 688-2048 or Joel Sablan, 482-6088
  • GPSI Southern Cobras: Fred Alig, 685-6539 or Doreen Rivera, 687-0696
  • Matson Southern Heat: Tina Esteves, 929-5055
  • Tigers: Kun Ho Rhee, 727-0072 or Dr. Gary Larkin, 482-6266
  • Tumon Typhoons Soccer Club: Pete Terlaje, 482-9109 or Latoya Ibanez, 489-9114
  • Wings FC: Marvin “Ike” Iseke, 777-2302 or Rodney Webb, 488-7738
  • Bombers SC: Phil Santomauro, 482-3694
  • FC Barrigada Crusaders: Ron Obias, 888-6939 or Ray Leon Guerrero, 734-3737/8
  • Islas de los Ladrones (IDL) Football Club: Jason Cunliffe, 486-5270 or Ian Mariano, 487-2379
  • MWR: Arnel Taraliga, 339-5516

A more detailed listing of the clubs, including practice times and location, is available on Guam Football Association’s Web site at

Once registered with a youth club, parents will be given a form to bring to the GFA Main Office in Harmon to obtain a Player ID card. The Player ID card is valid for the entire calendar year and costs $50. Parents of new players must also bring a copy of their child’s passport or birth certificate for proof of age. Additionally, new players must be present at GFA when obtaining Player ID cards to have their photo taken on site. The player ID card is required to play in league matches.

The GFA Main Office is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to process Player ID cards.

For inquiries about the league or GFA’s Competition Structure, contact the GFA Main Office at 637-4321 or E-mail

Information provided by Jill Espiritu GFA Media & Marketing Officer